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       Pure Heart Flame

Some samples from my Exhibition :
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My oil paintings are about colour and light - radiant, vibrant colour and dynamic depth guiding the eye to the light - combining the flow of watercolour with the effects of batik. 

When I paint I let my intuition guide me to create richly flowing, blended, radiant colour - always seeking vibrant hues enriched and energised by light - a tender, harmonious flow of calming meditative themes.

These images are living souls, connecting us to healing energy, to our radiance within. As we drink in and connect to these works, we can begin to move into the inner realms and record the colour and light that our limited vision often keeps us from. 

Here is an invitation to a spiritual journey where each person will be drawn to certain colours, opening our hearts and minds to the unlimited expanse of being. 

Let your heart rejoice and find joy, balance, rest and an affirmation of the sacred, touching the divine within.

Elisabeth Muller Stein


Exhibition Page
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Autumn Glow
Radiant Light
Glade of Light

Glowing Through Harmony Illumination Immanent Glory Light Glory

Pure Heart Pure Heart Flame Detail Rejoice Exuberance Shades of Dance

Shimmer 1 Shimmer 2 Star Emerging Transforming Light Sun Glow

Light of Renewal Unfolding Velvet
Light Shimmer

New Beginnings Pure Heart Flame
In the Balance
Glory Waves of Light

In Motion
Manifest Glory In Glory
Into Being